Friday, June 10, 2011

we are moving soon...back to our beloved belfast. as it turns out (and things often do) it i going to be a wonderful wonderful move. over the past few months all our family and friends have been encouraging us that everything will work out and "fall into place"...well i am here to thank them and but really it feels more like "form" than fall. things seemed to have formed around this one idea of wanting to raise our little one in a small town by the sea...with garden and chicken and likeminded parents and artists and farms that feed towns.
the more we thought and wished the more came our way, good luck some might say. i want to say it's more like ... magic.
we will be leaving behind good friends and be moving a bit further from our friends and family in boston, but oh how fun it will be to plan big trips to the city from our wee nook on the ocean.
as many of you know we have moved away from belfast a few times, thinking and searching in our wanderlust for *something more*only to find out that all we needed was right there all along.
"only the heart can see rightly, what is true is invisible to the eye"
-the little prince

so we are packing up, organizing playthings, workthings, fabric stashes, a slew of guitars and ukes and trumpets...and we are ready-oh so ready. to hit the road and start our new adventure.
stay tuned for some more exciting updates!
lots of love,


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! It's great to hear such lovely stories and how everything is falling into place! Good luck and congrats! Xoxoxo

mosey handmade said...

ashley, thanks so much for the kind words! you always have a way of brightening my day!