Tuesday, June 28, 2011

little bits room//a start

is getting a makeover...some paint new curtains, all the bells and whistles of a toddler room...think squishy chair to read in, books organized by most read instead of category, maybe some nice sweet birds painted on the corner...
we went through many different hues of blue and purple and finally settled on *windmill wings*.
i ask "is it wrong to choose a color of paint based in part on it's name?"
i think not!
windmill wings was the perfect periwinkle color i had in my mind and matches the fabric we chose for curtains oh so nice i think!


MatchGirl said...

we're about to paint our living room "pink sea salt" ... which I may have mostly loved for the name ... :)

Joy said...

NICE! Periwinkle is a great bedroom color. I can't wait to see it finished. What is that green?

mosey handmade said...

heh bri- so true & so cute!

mosey handmade said...

aha! joy the green you loved(just reading thru the comments of the past week) is:
"ben" moore's (as my hardware guy calls him) sage parsley. a lovely lovely lovely color!

Kate said...

we chose a color for our daughter's room mostly because of the name, hehe! "Mystic Fairy" She wanted purple or pink and I wanted something that was almost white with just a touch of her girly color, worked out perfect, love it when you find the good names like that with the colors! beautiful little home!