Thursday, January 27, 2011

{this moment}

more elvin work, thanks mom.

recently in preperation for the wee ones birthday my mom set about to create a dress out of one of our fave fairytale books, we loved the result!
it is actually patterned after a pinafore my mom made for me in the late 70's but is elsa beskow perfection to us!
dear mom,
i am so thankful for your craftiness, your love and all you do for us!
this dress is birthday pin-a-fore perfection.
we love you so much,

Friday, January 21, 2011

birthday elves at work...

we are getting ready for our little ones second birthday party!
here is a peek at those dragon mittens i was talking i said before--we shall see!

snow day!

{this moment}

{sharing a moment from our week via soulemama, 1 picture, no words, lots of love.}

knitting in new light, a stitch in time is ...worth it.

this morning little bits tries on her birthday mittens which i hope will end up looking like dragons...but we shall see.
i am always surprised how interested she is in the details of my art and craft. she learned about 10 new words this morning including: stitches, woven, sharps(knitting needles), thumb gore (why i was using this less than magical word, i don't know!) and pickupthestitch! which is what i exclaimed over and over as i redid the casting on of this mitten while she unravelled it...but oh what fun....worth the extra stitches.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

how did we end up here!

well i'll tell you it was a very fast progression.
my girl has always been more a faerie & gnome gal...
but last week at an errand to the bank the teller asked if she would like some stickers...some "princess" stickers.
i said okay, not thinking a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. of it...we definitely have stickers around our house--all kinds. (honeslty they are kinda my secret weapon for long afternoons)!
as soon as em had them in her hands- her entire face changed and she belted out a low whisper"princccccccchesssssssss".
and that was that. the obsession began.
everywhere we have gone between here and there she is loooking and noticing princesses. and i mean the serious all out technicolor disney kind.
egads! and that's not to dismiss disney princess- i just haven't thought of it as very much "us"...
this comes at the crest of her second birthday party plans...which i had been planning on being a sort of vintage big top theme a la french circus...but then everyone was saying i should make it princess...and i said- however will i do that without being completely not me?

but every time she saw "princess" her whole countenance would change...amazement would come over her entire body!
so my beloved and i took little bits to the party store- i know i know but i just wanted to see what was up there...and it was not to my liking of course! but em had a blast running around, princess lollipops in hand.

that ill fated trip did get me thinking though...what is it in us that draws us too these stories? how is it that the disney princesses of the 40's and 50's still reign the cartoon kingdom?
i started taking a closer look at these stories (starting with my favorite snow white) and ending with em's personal favorite cinderella...
and i started to notice something that put my world back into focus...
these stories are so archetypal the are practically written by grimm himslef (or the brothers 2 that is)...
and they speak to our inner nature of good and evil. the princess of disney are often helped by the forest creatures and the old ladies of the town, there are potions and spells and closets full of incantations... and i found myself falling back in love with these stories, shocking a bit- but oh so true!

i mean this waldorf mama was feeling really out of sorts about her daughter's sudden disney obsession, of all things- but now i see why it makes so much sense.
and she will have a princess birthday- although it will be more about maypoles, rainbow silks and valiant wooden swords with dragons- but the meat of the story will be the same.
and we will feast on it...

Friday, January 14, 2011

o' chamomile, my secret vice.

yes, today was one of those days.
started like this:
electrician on his way, fuel technician to arrive shortly, running late for little bits class, house a mess, dishes undone, beds not made, in laws to be here by morning...beloveds birthday dinner and cake not.yet.even.purchased.ingredients.

when i got home this afternoon from running errands there was a package on my doorstep in the newly shoveled snow.
i set it aside with the mail thinking it must be a birthday present for emelia...and then i looked it over a bit- well it WAS addressed to ME and i could at least open it to brighten my day.."i'm the mom, right"...
well i'm surely glad i did...cos really it was a gift for me.
and one that this mother sorely sorely needed.

it arrived tied neatly in reusable cotton fabric packaging with a lovely satin-y ribbon. all white and clean and promising a good nights sleep.
the mama who sent me this is a brand new mama- how she finds the time i'll never know!

thank you k, may the kindness be returned ten-fold.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

{this moment}

{sharing a moment from our week via soulemama, 1 picture, no words, lots of love.}

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{growing fast}

pictured above:
emma in her dress this day.
dress in emma's nursery, awaiting her arrival...thought she'd never grow into it!
dress in emma's new toddler room...fits her right now!
dress on tia camile- the original as made by grandma lola, bogota colombia circa 1978

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my girl's style: flashy with a chance of wool

yellow sweater- 1950s thrifted years ago
cape- new mosey item with vintage buttons
fascinator- 21 forever
pants- hannah andersson
necklace-mardi gras gifted to em last year

glitter wool. squirrel buttons and other rarities...

recv'd a package from dear stephy today! filled to the brim with mosey inspired goodies!
#1 - glittered wool! a rare find we have grey and silver wool, green and sage glittered and pink, red and white stripe!
#2 - vintage yellow squirrel buttons which once adorned a vintage linen and cotton colar
#3 - new little cloche hats in wee child size.
em saw the red one and won't take it off!

it's so fun having a partner in crime and steph is the best i could ask for. she is driven, stylish, crafty and weathers my bedraggled brain pretty darn well!