Friday, January 14, 2011

o' chamomile, my secret vice.

yes, today was one of those days.
started like this:
electrician on his way, fuel technician to arrive shortly, running late for little bits class, house a mess, dishes undone, beds not made, in laws to be here by morning...beloveds birthday dinner and cake not.yet.even.purchased.ingredients.

when i got home this afternoon from running errands there was a package on my doorstep in the newly shoveled snow.
i set it aside with the mail thinking it must be a birthday present for emelia...and then i looked it over a bit- well it WAS addressed to ME and i could at least open it to brighten my day.."i'm the mom, right"...
well i'm surely glad i did...cos really it was a gift for me.
and one that this mother sorely sorely needed.

it arrived tied neatly in reusable cotton fabric packaging with a lovely satin-y ribbon. all white and clean and promising a good nights sleep.
the mama who sent me this is a brand new mama- how she finds the time i'll never know!

thank you k, may the kindness be returned ten-fold.

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