Tuesday, January 18, 2011

how did we end up here!

well i'll tell you it was a very fast progression.
my girl has always been more a faerie & gnome gal...
but last week at an errand to the bank the teller asked if she would like some stickers...some "princess" stickers.
i said okay, not thinking a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. of it...we definitely have stickers around our house--all kinds. (honeslty they are kinda my secret weapon for long afternoons)!
as soon as em had them in her hands- her entire face changed and she belted out a low whisper"princccccccchesssssssss".
and that was that. the obsession began.
everywhere we have gone between here and there she is loooking and noticing princesses. and i mean the serious all out technicolor disney kind.
egads! and that's not to dismiss disney princess- i just haven't thought of it as very much "us"...
this comes at the crest of her second birthday party plans...which i had been planning on being a sort of vintage big top theme a la french circus...but then everyone was saying i should make it princess...and i said- however will i do that without being completely not me?

but every time she saw "princess" her whole countenance would change...amazement would come over her entire body!
so my beloved and i took little bits to the party store- i know i know but i just wanted to see what was up there...and it was not to my liking of course! but em had a blast running around, princess lollipops in hand.

that ill fated trip did get me thinking though...what is it in us that draws us too these stories? how is it that the disney princesses of the 40's and 50's still reign the cartoon kingdom?
i started taking a closer look at these stories (starting with my favorite snow white) and ending with em's personal favorite cinderella...
and i started to notice something that put my world back into focus...
these stories are so archetypal the are practically written by grimm himslef (or the brothers 2 that is)...
and they speak to our inner nature of good and evil. the princess of disney are often helped by the forest creatures and the old ladies of the town, there are potions and spells and closets full of incantations... and i found myself falling back in love with these stories, shocking a bit- but oh so true!

i mean this waldorf mama was feeling really out of sorts about her daughter's sudden disney obsession, of all things- but now i see why it makes so much sense.
and she will have a princess birthday- although it will be more about maypoles, rainbow silks and valiant wooden swords with dragons- but the meat of the story will be the same.
and we will feast on it...


TheSingingBird said...

I am having so many sweet memories of my daughter's early childhood as I see your sweet girl here..."this too shall pass" and in the meantime there are beautiful books like Thumbelina who tends an injured bird and later marries the Fairy Prince, and "The Paper Princess" books by Elisa Kleven.

Thank you for sharing your sweet days.

mosey handmade said...

i miss you, you are such a gentle voice of reason in my life lady!!!
i will be SURE to check out thumbellina- i had completely forgotten that one even though it was one of my favorites as a child.
lots of love~~~!!!!

Reggie said...

She says princessss in a Gollum "My preciousss..." voice. But not as creepy!