Friday, December 23, 2011

tree for a goose girl

this year is the first year little bits has had a tree. the first year we were moving and the second year we were away and on the tird year we finally rested, got our own tree and made a go of it. the thing is she LOVES it. i can often find her -- heels crossed arm behind her head laying on the run just under the tree looking at it. i asked her the other day what she was doing and she replied with a serious grin: "don't bother me mama i am in my cozy place".
so so stinkin' cute!
SO while her and papa are away i decided what better present then to get her her OWN tree. small and round and full of her favorite things like "breakable santas" and "haycorns","jingerbells" and pinecones too.
i hope she adores it as much as i have. i know having it all lit up on these nights when she has been away has made me miss her less and more at the same time!
looking forward to the return of little bits and her papa on christmas eve!

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