Saturday, December 24, 2011

{making a little christmas}

this year i so looked forward to crafting with my little bits. she can really understand this year how everyone gets a present and she was sure that each person was accounted for. she made little things for almost all our loved ones! she was very specific too, she made sure i added this or that ribbon, this color jingle bell and on and on.
i have been struck lately at how having something "made by....(insert name here)" has entered into her thoughts and play lately. if she really LOVES something she will say "mama made that for me?!" or "papa made that for me?!" even though i think she knows we didn't -- it is more like a word of love.
handmade equals love to her--
how could i ask for a better present this year than having my almost three year old knowing that when something is handmade it r.a.d.i.a.t.e.s. the love of the person who made it!
today i wrapped them all up and look forward to the look on everyones faces when they open their wee handmade present from little bits!!!
pictured also our what mama made this year:
sweet pickles, honied beets & rose hip jam!

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