Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{love song to a house}

{this time last year the daffodils were in bloom and we were busy peeking at this house}

when i was a little girl my aunt lived on this street, not too far from town and with the smell of the ocean on the breeze. i would find myself from time to time wishing a place on this hill would be my own on day. there were few house on this very road which fell into much disrepair over the years and as i grew older i watched them become vacant and lonely faces with sad sad windows for eyes--or boarded up windows in some cases. about 10 years ago my aunt moved from her spot on the hill and retired to a smaller house, i didn't often have the chance or reason to go out that way of town anymore and so i didn't. a few years ago my husband and i took a late afternoon drive and much to my surprise on of those houses had begun to be loved. over the next few years many renovations took place and the old weeping willow that stood in front didn't seem to weep as much as shine!
last year around this time i got up the courage to take a peek in the window. what i saw was a lovingly refinished house, care taken at each corner, joint and level. plumb where it should be and gleaming in the sun. it was fall and i was so full of wonder and hope. at this time last year though, we lived about 100 miles south of this house. but still when i returned home from my visit i gushed to my husband about the house and how lovely everything had looked and how amazingly: no-one-was-living-there!
in the spring of that year we made a plan to move home and by chance i inquired about the house to a friend and realtor and sure enough even though it wasn't officially on the market there was a chance we could see the inside, get a tour!
i was in love with every nook and cranny and already planning where to put what.
although it all didn't work out yet, i have hopes that one day i will be living in that very yellow house, little one romping around the backyard, and the smell of the ocean on the breeze.
i like to make my dreams come true!


Aly- Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Awwww! What a great story. And how cute your little big girl has gotten.

Cheers, Aly

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

This is such an enchanting place you have. Glad that your dream came true!