Saturday, September 17, 2011

how we roll...

over the years i have been asked many times why i drink out of ball jars...or "bell jars" as my husband so absently minded calls them (and em in turn)...and the simple answer is i love them! the long story is more like this:
in college i used my nalgene bottle for everything from tea to water until i learned one day that it was releasing bpa into my drink especially every time i poured hot water from my tea kettle into it--which in college was serveral times a day with very many bags of black tea. and so like many others out there i tried to find a good alternative to the portable drink container---back then there were not many options like there are now and almost NOTHING was bpa free- one day i grabbed an old canning jar and filled it to the brim with tea, milk & honey. and it turned out i wasn't the only one! i would often meet a girl on her bike or someone at the library who hauled out there ball jar with golden lid and took a sip- ahhhhh instant friends! and after years of carrying one in my courrier bag i just got used to the idea. in the past few years many changes have been made regarding plastic and for goodness sake the nalgene bottle is safe now---as far as we know. even cheap sippy cups i've seen around town are toted to be bpa free...but me- well i'll just rock my glass jar. even at home my cupboards are filled with them, and they are my favotire cups, sturdy, utiliatirain, on the go, wide mouthed and simple. now that my little bits is older she get one too- sized just for little hands!

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Anonymous said...

We use ball jars for drinking glasses too and don't see myself not using them! Love them! Xoxoxo