Tuesday, September 6, 2011

adventures in canning...a duet

dear friend ~s~ had me over for a canning extravaganza this weekend and it was all i imagined it would be! we met on friday at the farmers market to load our baskets full of fresh farm goodies. the trip was short and sweet with both our little ones in tow (complete with their own baskets!) and our mothers were appened to be visiting too..fancy that.
little bits downed half a cookie and half a box of sungolds (so her mother's child!)
in any event we ladies spent the better part of saturday canning away. i learned so much! i have canned in the past with friends--jams, jellies, sauces...and watched many many seasons of beets go through my dad's kitchen...but this beets canning was much more hands on and less intimidating than with dear old dad at the helm!
many thanks for a lovely day!!!
and said friend was nice enough to break open a jar of beets from last season so we could get a quick taste! yum!

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