Tuesday, February 1, 2011

birthday round-up...the cake!

i had a wonderful time making em's cake...it was martha's maypole cake recipe with seven minute frosting...and i must say i was nervous. esp. about those stiff peaks...frosting took longer than 7 minutes but i had reassurance from my sweet sister in law and an emergency call to dear e for confidence sake!
AND nik imported the rock candy all the way from our sweet belfast, didn't know it was so scarce, did you?!!!
thanks girls...
if i had it to do again i would have put more frosting in between the layers, but i saved some aside to top the gumdrop cupcakes...yum!


Nadja said...

I have the same candle holders you have on the cake! They came from my grandparents' house in Germany.

Everything looks so lovely!

mosey handmade said...

that is so very neat!!!
we got them at a waldorf fair and they are likely from germany too!

Curly Valentine said...

I love your your cake...it's simple and so beautiful! Did you paint the girl topper?