Saturday, February 5, 2011

applesauce choco cupcakes for niña

yesterday em and i set about making some very special birthday cakes for her grandma, whom she calls niña (after the spanish word for little which she calls em)...ever since em's own second birthday she has been really into all things birthday being sure to point out "hots"...her word for candles, birthday cakes and party hats.
we decided to make a bunch of tiny cakies(cupcakes, really) for niña so that em could decorate them for herself. she had a blast...i'm not sure the end result is a beauteous as a four layer cake but certainly as much or more loved!
the other photo is of em in her princess dress from sarah's silks which she asks for first thing in the morning and cries to take off at night...
oh princess cakies!

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