Saturday, July 3, 2010

from the desk of MAMA H!

my dear friend that i spoke about earlier in the week is here today to say a proper hello!

...I am so honored that my dear friend has asked me to be here and I am equally excited to share with you all a little bit of me. As Jes mentioned we were indeed the closest of friends growing up and to some extent I can even credit her with my almost 11 year marriage to my Middle School sweetheart…yes that’s right, Middle School! I remember vividly getting one of my first smooches from him at her house! But the rest of what she said, well…I’m not so sure about….she really is too sweet but of course you guys already know that! What I will say is that after working in the childcare/teaching field for 10 years, I am so excited to have started my own little family and am trying my hardest to encourage them to love and appreciate nature as much as my husband and I both do. One of the very first things we bought when we found out we were expecting our daughter was a Kelty backpack I still can remember clearly the first time my husband strapped on our little bundle…carefully tucking a tiny mirror in his pocket and pulling it out every 2 or 3 minutes to check on our little Lily…smiling ear to ear. It was the beginning of our adventures and one of those moments I will always hold dear to my heart. There is nothing quite like seeing that look of discovery on your child’s face…that excitement…the joy… and the wonder. Our children are tiny reminders to slow down…breathe deeply and take time to explore. I look forward to sharing some of our tiny adventures with you!

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