Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We love this face!

The edited version
The Original

Z has been our mosey model for years, he is really growing! He just turned 6 this week, it's so hard for me to believe.
In addition to being our best boy model, he is also one of my favorite students of all time.
A few things to LOVE about this Birthday Boy:
His sense of humor, I love the way he makes a joke and his face scrunches all up as he laughs
He believes in gnomes (please 6th year don't take that away)
He's a little brother but at school he is the big man on campus
He watches me during circle and tries so hard and gracefully to learn through imitation
He thinks school goes on all the time, everyday
He's a puddle jumper, a mud pie maker, a dishwasher and my A-#1 tea pourer
My daughter adores him, he is the boy which all others are measured against (and she is only 4.5)
She once told me Z and her are to be married one day, oh we shall see little bits!
At our very first open house amid shaved ice dessert I looked up to see him at the tippity top of the play structure, his mom gave me a nod that it was okay and he has been climbing everything in sight since.
His parents and big brother  are really wonderful, the love they have for him shines through, can you see it?

He is the O.G.

Lots of love to this boy on his Birthday, and many returns...

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