Friday, February 8, 2013

fairy fridays}} the woodland cake

This, This was my labor of love. The other things, they come more easily to me. But fondant, gum paste, tall teensy cake pans--this had me practically breaking into hives in the craft store--panicked.
Ladies & Gents-- I NOW know how the craft-challenged feel and boy oh boy!
I was lucky enough that my inlaws were here and they and my beloved took the children "out" for the day. I turned on Season One of Downton Abbey and started rolling fondant-- before I knew what has hit me Season One was concluding and the pitter patter of almost 4 year old feet could be heard - returning from a long day in town...and i had rolled, pressed, molded and shaped all the many pieces that would be this fourth birthday cake.
All that time to myself in the kitchen, time to reflect, time to goof off, time to get serious about cake baking--it was kind of this great meditation on being a mother and crafting and teaching. It made me realize how very important it is for me to MAKE for my own children...cakes, dolls, sewn and knitted what have yous...but most importantly time...
I want to sit with you little one and know about your day, the time away from me and all the little things i missed. I want to construct & craft with you anything and everything you beg to make- because we can. and even if we have to figure it out as we go along and it might end up being wild, it will still be beautiful.

The next morning when little bits saw the cake, that was the best part of all. I was struggling with crumbs in the frosting at the time and Little Bits came around the corner into the kitchen and her whole face lit up! "Mama!" she said almost in a whisper...."it's amazing!!!" and them peels of laughter.
Oh my love-- the cake as good- but it is you my little one who are amazing!


Cynthia said...

Aww, okay that cake is beautiful, but your reflections on making things for your children, that is the real beauty. I am so glad she enjoyed her cake and birthday, Happy Birthday Little Bits!

mosey handmade said...

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Where can I find your blog?

Casey said...

That cake is lovely! My daughter had a fairy-themed 4th birthday as well and I too struggled with making an elaborate cake. I made marzipan flowers and toadstools and it was a challenge but, like you, creating beautiful things for my kids feels like what I'm meant to do. It's the best feeling to see their eyes light up at something made just for them.