Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bread day

crowing glory introducing {s}

working away these past weeks on some custom crown is the latest.
i have more photos to post soon in a flickr gallery so i can keep track of all the types that we've been stitching up over here.
i introduce:

valiant cape

this was a custom order for a boston boy!
i love how it turned out, so much so that i decided little bits needs to be a hobbit of little red riding hood for halloween. more on that later. for now:
meet the dragon!
what do ya think?

Friday, October 21, 2011

{this moment}

going right along with soulemama this week...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

making apple butter

We had a wonderful time this week making my apple butter recipe with 3 and 4 year old adaptations! That is to say that when the kids are the ones doing the measuring of the sugars...the butter gets really really good!
Also a little trick is add half regular sugar and half brown sugar. To my way of thinking when I hear the word *apple* I just think *brown sugar*!
We cut our apple to reveal the stars and placed them right on top before adding the lid.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

++{mosey hard at work}++

this week we got to spend time with our dear partner in craft miss stephanie! we whiled away the hours sewing and talking, thinking up new projects and making yummy dinners. little bits just loves this lady and awoke the morning after she left exclaiming: "where is stephanie? cozy? sharps? (her word for scissors)"
yes, girl we are missing you already.
but as steph heads back to the longhorn state mosey gets an update, a huge wonderful update.
oh- hello mosey--there you are!

very special visitors!

from time to time we have friends and family who just stop in...that's just the kind of life we lead and we adore it. in our small town people often drop by to return borrowed items, to borrow a thing or two, to bring over baked goodies, fresh eggs, and this summer we had many flower and bulb donations to our budding garden...and believe me these are ALL special to us.
but in the past few weeks we have had some really really special guests. a few of the times they were even surprises and oh how we loved that!
these dear boys have come all the way from uganda to their forever home right here in our neck of the woods! there natural industriousness is so welcome in our days here and they are equal parts sweet and funny! we are so happy to be getting to know these boys and hope they stop in again soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

little bits is being big!

seen here feeding her wee wren of a cousin! cousin c is called all sorts of fanciful nicknames here in our house made up all by our girl. over the past almost year (he is getting big too!) the nicknames have changed and grown but they are always so fondly called! here is to our!
we are so looking forward to celebrating your very first year here!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

our michaelmas crowns; a golden hue

young children love the art ad learned skill of sewing, the practice and the quiet time.
fall is a perfect time for this more introspective craft!
at our playschool this week we celebrated michaelmas.
the children have been working since school began on a wee project of sewing. many of them are very busy with their hands and looked forward to these quiet times of " thread the needle to and fro here we go"...
i loved seeing how each child's sewing was so different, kind of like their own handmade symbol.
last night i sewed up their wool into golden crowns for michaelmas and we had a little ceremony of knighting each child before we ate our feast of dragon bread, figs, cheese and apples with honey!

new batch of hats

my very (and always) reluctant model!

new batch of hats off to la esquina studio in cambridge. i just love this little shop on the corner between harvard and porter square. the offer sewing classes for adults and children and christine has a great little workspace in the back. reminds me of the old days at mosey handmade's brick and mortar. hooray for mom and pop shops!