Thursday, October 13, 2011

very special visitors!

from time to time we have friends and family who just stop in...that's just the kind of life we lead and we adore it. in our small town people often drop by to return borrowed items, to borrow a thing or two, to bring over baked goodies, fresh eggs, and this summer we had many flower and bulb donations to our budding garden...and believe me these are ALL special to us.
but in the past few weeks we have had some really really special guests. a few of the times they were even surprises and oh how we loved that!
these dear boys have come all the way from uganda to their forever home right here in our neck of the woods! there natural industriousness is so welcome in our days here and they are equal parts sweet and funny! we are so happy to be getting to know these boys and hope they stop in again soon!

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