Wednesday, August 3, 2011

open those windows throw open the sash

A perfect day is:
breezy (from the ocean, so a little foggy too first thing in the morning)
full of old and new friends
filled with the little squeals and scuffs of little ones underfoot
organized and helped along by loved ones
measured by how tuckered out everyone is at the end of the day
renegade carpentry tempered with an expert at hand (thanks j.s.!)
has unexpected twists and turns that lead you to a better place than the day before

what an open house we had. after much rushing around, a few unexpected visitors (not open house visitors but seperate visitors...strong and able to move playhousesin a single swoop...well almost), many hands a'helping, a little pep talk that could have been in french but wasn't....we opened our doors to the public.

we had a wonderful time sharing our home and the space we have worked so much on all summer with you all. we met many new friends and chatted with old ones. we talked chickens with children and drank fizzy lemonade. i hope everyone had as good a time as we.

and a special thanks to all my ladies who pitched in at the last minute with the little details of cooking and cleaning. xoxox

i had this very special moment where i stepped out onto the back back porch (which overlooks the backyard) and saw and heard all the children running about, i could just picture how much fun we are going to be having this fall!

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FeedYourSoul said...

I love this so much!! I am so proud of you and so excited!!!