Saturday, July 9, 2011

what if everything you needed was only 2 blocks away?

we used to say this about belfast, if only... and then we moved away- and woot woo while we were gone, pretty much EVERYTHING IS ONLY TWO BLOCKS AWAY now! that is to say some really exciting new businesses have cropped up here while we were away.
today i want to share with you my most favorite so far! my beloved got me a gift certificate to fiddlehead artisan supply right after we got here, but i hadn't had a chance to go myself. today on a break from painting i wandered in...
i actually stood without moving for about a minute staring a one wall that has everything you need for waldorf doll making and another with all the EXACT FELT I USE EVERYDAY in all my work and then some.
i really, finally felt like i was home. i know i've been home for about 2 1/2 weeks but i have been so busy -- today time stopped for a second and i remembered that i am currently living my dream: the dream where my beloved works at the waldorf school, and that means my little bits can go there too someday--the dream where i am starting my own school in MY community, the dream where i can craft and teach crafting to like minded people and even long lost friends, the dream where i can walk TWO blocks from my house and bring home everything i need.
this includes but is not limited to:
chase's produce and baked goods
yo' mama's fun and funky things for the house
bulk items or* let them eat cake* goodies from the coop
fancy handmade underwear from the new fancy handmade underwear store (true, all true!), city drawers
the list goes on and on and it is a love letter to the lil shops in belfast that make our town that much more special!
not to mentions the free things too like:
sea glass and smooth stones, shells and flowers- all right out my door.
oh to love the town you live in!


FeedYourSoul said...

I knew this was the right move for you J. I am so glad you are happy, and that you feel like everything is right!!

mosey handmade said...

thanks biglittlejay!

angie said...

Wow! I think I need to roadtrip up to Belfast! That place looks amazing! Have fun with your gift certificate!