Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{for a friend} part two:tom..workin' it.

a month or so ago i was asked to create a few mosey cozies for some old friends...i shared part one with you a few weeks ago and am finally getting round to part two:tom
i was baffled to try to make something kinda cool enough for this dear old pal...he's a tattooed tuffy and although i had an easy enough time coming up with something for dee (her tastes and mine remain very similar) i was worried about how the mosies would translate into boy. or grown man, really.
i actually worked the wool quite a bit on the machine (something i really never do) and liked how it turned out. it sort of had a needle felted vibe wherein the one wool pice became part of the other...
here is the result...and tom if your readin' hope you liked the fished product as much as me!
this mama got in touch with some of her tattooed ole' days too!

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